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In the way we have grown up and are taught about the natural progression of life, we start with great schooling, then professional education, get married, have children, and ultimately buy a house, sometimes maybe two or three. At the end of it, we all work towards having a nest we call home! A place to raise a beautiful family and do everything we can to give them a comfortable life.

Ek ghar.
Ek sapna.

Every home begins with a dream. We exist to give life to it.

We wake up every day to find a newer, better way of marrying the aesthetics of design with the wonderful things that represent our consumers and their lives. As design thinkers and evangelists, we go the extra mile to innovate, do whatever is necessary to deliver more at every step involved in making their dream a reality.

We build aesthetically beautiful homes that our consumers aspire to live in.

Shambu K

MD & Designer

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Kasha Design is driven forward by its 10 plus employees who clock in every day with the intention of doing something manically innovative. Our collective mad-scientist mojo, which is quite evenly spread across hierarchies and departments; is the secret sauce that makes us all fit together. We’re creatively unhinged but in the best way possible.

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Shambu K


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Digital Marketing head

Parameshwar K L

Project head